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2024 barkdate

currently we are not accepting new clients.

At this time we are unable to reply to any messages


Our mission at All the Happy Dogs is to help you achieve a happy and healthy relationship with your dog.  It is our belief that in order for dogs to be truly happy they need both free and structured time, appropriate socialization, and a strong leader to help guide them through life. To help owners and their dogs achieve this balance, we provide dog training, adventures, and overnights. Happy Dog. Happy Human. Happy Home.


Focusing on clear communication and leadership while taking into account the diversities of each family and the unique personality of their dog, we work with you to create the relationship you've always wanted.


Hike in the woods. A town walk with visits to dog friendly shops. Running and playing with fellow pups. A ferry ride. Adventures are a great way to combine free and structured time, and let your dogs be social.


Whether you are going away for several nights or an off island overnight,  let us be your dog's home away from home. We provide a peace of mind for you and an awesome time for your pup!

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