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2024 barkdate

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Let us take your dog on an adventure. We believe that for dogs to be truly healthy, inside and out, they should be provided appropriate mental and physical stimulation and get to spend time in nature with their own kind. 


Dirt under their paws, fresh mountain air, a quick dip in the lake, and the company of their new doggie buddies. Some days we will hike. There's so many great places to explore: Turtleback, Obstruction Pass, Moran. Some days we'll have dog fun: running and chasing, fetching balls, tug-of-war. Some days we may take a stroll through the Village with visits to the bank or our favorite dog-friendly kayaking shop. We might even travel to another island for some fun (we’ll ok travel first!). If we’re feeling extra adventurous and your pup is up to it, we might even give the paddleboard a try.


Adventures are also a great way to reinforce any training that you and your pup have been working on! A daily adventure is included when your dog boards with us (visit Overnights for more details)


We are fully committed to the dogs in our care and tend to them as if they were our own. We carry a canine first aid kit in our truck and backpack and are Canine CPR certified.

**Adventures are only available to dogs that have completed our training program

Adventures include:

  • Pick up and drop off at a convenient location

  • Limited group size

  • Photos/ video of your dog's adventures posted to our Facebook and Instagram pages

Adventure Services:

* * NOT available at this time * * 

Let's Get Outside! Contact us to schedule your pup's next Adventure

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