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All the Happy Dogs offers a home away from home. When your dog is our guest they become part of our family.  It's not just a place for your dog to be; it's a place for them to relax, explore, socialize, and enjoy the fresh air.


All boarding guests will enjoy a daily Adventure at no extra charge. Structured play, one-on-one time, snacks, and naps will be part of their daily routine. The combination of exercise and structure, leads to a calm and relaxing atmosphere


Instead of missing you, your pet will have a good time in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. They will enjoy day adventures, plenty of exercise and structured play time, meet other dogs, take afternoon naps and enjoy well deserved snacks.


With each stay we offer amenities that simply aren’t available with most pet-sitting services:


  • Day adventures, at no extra charge

  • Individual play time 

  • Dogs are separated at feeding time and fed accordingly to dietary instructions, including raw

  • If needed medicines administered, as directed at no extra charge

  • All dogs sleep in crates**. Each crate contains a comfy bed, however you are welcomed to bring a special blanket

  • Photos and video of your dog's adventures posted to our Facebook and Instagram pages (with your permission)

All the Happy Dogs is a different and unique option where your pet will love staying while you are away. We want nothing more than to make your dog’s time away from home memorable. Our overnights provide peace of mind for you and an awesome time for your pup.

**Overnights are only available to dogs that have completed our training program

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currently we are not accepting new clients

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Overnights - 
* * NOT available at this time * * 

Stay with Us! Contact us to schedule your dog's next vacation

** If your dog is not crate trained, please call and we can discuss

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